Sydney CPA GAS Meeting 2 Intro

Meeting 2 of the Sydney Governance and Strategy of CPA Australia discussion group. The main points of discussion here are:

Section 202B

We’ve made a second request. CPA Australia has refused to comply basically because although the Corporations Act says they have to they say it should not be read literally because it could create some mischief. As I said in the video we are only requesting it a second time because we do not believe that it was done correctly the first time around. CPA Australia said they would share their legal advice but they did not share any legal advice in relation to the first response to the section 202B request being compliant. This legal advice in relation to the second request assumes the first one was complied with.

The explanatory memorandum to the second section 202B request:

CPA Australia’s letter to Andrew:

CPA Australia’s legal advice (in relation to this second section 202B request only):

Submission to the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB)

Following my complaint about the TPB processes for assessing the accountability of associations there was an exposure draft released by TPB for comment. My submission to the TPB is here:

Continue the discussion here:

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